misunderstood buzzwords in tech explained

Misunderstood Buzzwords in Tech Explained

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Misinterpreting the tech buzzwords that have been in the media for a while now is easy. So, it is common that some leaders and managers overestimate the power of the available technology or have completely different expectations. 

If you want to keep up with the ever-changing new tech and use it correctly to improve your business, keep reading! We’ll decipher and explain the most common buzzwords and help you understand them better. 

The cloud

Storing data on the cloud is an everyday occurrence for many businesses and companies. If you are an Apple user, you probably have an iCloud account. But not everyone knows what the cloud is. 

Cloud is a company with servers with physical storage that is virtually rented to those who want to store their data there. 

These servers often have exquisite cybersecurity protection and several backups in case something happens to the stored data. Therefore, cloud storage is an excellent idea if you want to make sure your files are accessible from anywhere and also secure. 

Generative AI 

From the moment it was launched, ChatGPT became the latest craze. The usefulness of generative AI can’t be disputed, as many companies are working on similar products using this technology. So, what is generative AI? 

Generative AI is the technology that uses artificial intelligence to generate content. It includes high-quality text, images, video, audio, and more. 

What many forget is that generative AI can make mistakes. You should know how to double-check the facts and protect your privacy while using this technology because we are still learning how it works. 

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Internet of Things 

When we hear this term, most of us will think about a fully automated space where machines control everything. But the truth is different. The Internet of Things allows us to connect multiple smart devices to the same network, and they all collect and exchange data. These include everyday appliances, smart cars, alarm systems, and even AR glasses. 

Setting up the Internet of Things involves careful planning and execution. Businesses that want to create a better office environment for their employees should be selective about the devices they connect. Remember to keep all software current because cybercriminals have used IoT to break into networks. There’s a whole cybersecurity glossary of terms worth exploring when it comes to hackers and their methods.


The term analytics often refers to data analytics – the analysis of raw data that provides a better insight into information. Data analytics encompasses four different types. Those are descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and perspective analytics. Therefore, analytics have a broader meaning since many techniques and methods can be used for data analysis. 

When done correctly, analytics can help businesses and individuals make better decisions supported by the available data. Moreover, this information can drive us to develop new ideas and help us become more productive overall. 


Automation could sound scary to some, but it isn’t because machines will not replace us anytime soon. While having automated processes can boost productivity and get tasks done in time, humans still need to be present and provide guidance, judgment, and knowledge. 

There are three types of automation: basic, process, and intelligent automation. The latter might be the most interesting one at the moment because it combines automation with machine learning. It is good to remember that automation is impossible without our input, regardless of how minimal it is. 

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Talking about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is unimaginable without mentioning blockchain. However, this technology is much more than a digital ledger and can be applied differently. Since blockchain is essentially a way of storing data, it is suitable for protecting intellectual property. The perfect example of this is the NFT explosion that happened in 2021. 

For example, the blockchain logs can be used in schools and universities to ensure official diplomas and certificates. Those interested can quickly check the records and see if someone has legitimate documentation. For more, visit here.

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